The Various Types Of Offshore Construction

With the progress of technology in Malaysia, offshore construction has changed from a dream and become a reality. With several countries setting up their platforms in the ocean, the race for harnessing the most amounts of resources from the ocean bed has taken up by them. However, there are various types of construction that are done on the ocean bed.

Here are some examples of marine in Malaysia constructions that are done on the ocean bed

  • Subsea gas and oil explorations

This is the most popular form of offshore construction in the world currently. Almost all countries that have done oil exploration in the deep seas now have oil rigs in the ocean floor. There are a lot of oil drilling that are also owned and controlled by private entities. They include some of the business groups of the world. They are the leading consumers of oil and gas equipment Malaysia in the world.

  • Offshore wind platform

Using winds to generate electricity has been done for a while around the world now. Now, air currents blowing on the sea surface are being leveraged through large scale offshore wind platforms. They are used to convert these winds to sustainable electricity, which is then transferred back to the grid.

  • Flotels or floating hotels

The establishments mentioned above involve a lot of manpower to handle them. To manage them, flotels or floating hotels are constructed. These serve as housing for the employees working on these platforms. They stay here and come down to the actual platform to work during the daytime. Occasionally, when the employees take leave, only then do they travel away and visit the land. People staying at these flotels can comfortably reside here for long periods of time.

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