Whether you have a small business or a big business, to be successful in today’s ever changing business environment, you need to have an aptitude and capabilities in managing business fundamentals.

Furthermore, besides making sure of what your customer needs, you have to juggle with other tasks – manage and adapt your strategy to stay relevant at competitive markets.

Although you have good skills, but it is very time consuming to run your business without any professional help.

Accounting firms is designated to take care of day to day bookkeeping as well as tax forms, and adapting their offerings to your individual needs.

MAL Management Services Pte Ltd (MAL) is a Singapore based company offering a vast of accounting services such as company secretarial, taxation, accounting, GST, company registration, and Business Support Service. MAL will be able to help you regardless of sizes of your company, and tailoring the offering to your company’s needs.

The company’s goal is to provide the best services that designate the basic to complex accounting services of businesses in Singapore. MAL’s team is very dedicated and will help the businesses to excel in today’s dynamic global business climate.

MAL will help the businesses to make balanced decisions, and help you to avoid haphazard actions which consequently impact your organization. MAL’s accountants has systematic systems to help your documents in the most efficient and organized manner.

MAL’s experienced and talented staff will guide you, optimizing costs without compromising. At MAL, you will learn the right steps for business growth and expansion.

MAL accounting is here to aid your business to stay competitive, and helping you to evolve the strategy in ways that benefits you in the long run. MAL is one of the leading corporate service providers in Singapore, and offering a huge range of services. With MAL, you will be able to obtain what you needs for setting up and managing your business in Singapore. Following are examples of services that MAL is providing:

  • bookkeeping and accounting services – our trained accountants will be glad to assist in keeping your company’s Book of Accounts updated. As defined by the Singapore Financial Reporting Standard (SFRS), this book of accounts consists of “Profit and Loss Account”, “Balance Sheet”, “Cash Flow Statement” and “Equity Statement.”
  • Taxation – In Singapore, it is required for all companies to submit annual tax return to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). These taxes must be filled accurately and MAL’s experienced teams are capable to help you out in keeping track of the information that you need and ensure you pay on time.
  • Company secretarial – It is compulsory for every company to appoint at least one secretary within six months of the date of its incorporation. (in accordance to the Singapore Companies Act)
  • Company registration – There are many good reasons why you should register with MAL’s company. One is, a company registration furnish your brand name and business with a good integrity and at the same time, protect your brand and identity of your business.
  • Business support services – As your business line developing, MAL can facilitate your business to strive for the better and bigger in the future. The other scope MAL providing are Accounting and HR system, trademark registration, HR services and government funding.
  • Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST is a broad-based value added tax levied on the import of goods that collected by Singapore Customs. The current rate of GST is 7% for GST registered businesses.

MAL is ready to assist in such as:

  • Keeping in track of your details and documents of your income and expenses
  • Complete and execute the necessary GST forms and help you systematically in paying your GST.
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